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American Bitcoin casinos – Bitcoin casinos (BTC) for American players

Today there are many American Bitcoin casinos – sites where you can play, or make deposits with, the cryptographic Bitcoin (BTC). A typical Bitcoin casino in USA has Bitcoin as payment option and offers its players a wide range of Bitcoin slots that are updated each month. When you play with Bitcoin you play games anonymously. You are welcome to play at any time and you will not pay any taxes on your winnings. Yes, all your winnings at a American Bitcoin casino are tax-free money. Below we go through everything you need to know about American Bitcoin casinos in more detail.

Advantages of playing at American Bitcoin casinos

We believe that Bitcoin and online casinos are one of the best combinations because there are many benefits to playing for bitcoins. The biggest advantage of playing online with Bitcoin is that you can do it from home. For those using Bitcoin, it means that all transactions are free, fast and anonymous at your Bitcoin casino USA. You as a player for Bitcoins will never worry about profit taxes. It’s also not illegal because Bitcoin is not an official or fiat currency. That means you can play for Bitcoins and win real money without using your bank account. There are, however, some drawbacks with regard to Bitcoin casino USA. And the biggest disadvantage is that it’s almost impossible to regulate these casinos. No license is required for a typical Bitcoin casino USA in order to process transactions of their players. If you deposit your money or virtual Bitcoins into a wrong casino, your money can be lost forever. Other disadvantages of Bitcoin as the currency is that it is in high volatility, a legal gray zone, low range of services and high entry barriers. It is important to find out which Bitcoin casinos are safe and secure, and we will do our best to assist you with this!

Fortunately, it becomes more and more popular to play with Bitcoins and other crypto tournaments in USA, which means that reviews of the American Bitcoin casinos appear more often. Not all of them are reliable and that is why we have created this page – here at you will find only reliable casino reviews of trusted Bitcoin casinos in USA. And every American Bitcoin casino you find here was tested by me and accepts players from USA.

Top Casinos list


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Fortune Jack Casino boasts 10-minute withdrawal and deposit times, which is among the fastest in the market

Why should I start playing with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the new currency or cryptovalutan that has become very popular throughout the world and among casinos online. We’ve talked about the benefits of playing with Bitcoin and now we’ll answer the question why would you like to actually play with Bitcoin instead of playing for real money? Why should you use Bitcoin? We have summarized a list of four benefits of using Bitcoin at a Bitcoin casino USA.

  1. Central government has no access to your Bitcoins

Since the currency is decentralized, you actually own Bitcoins. No central authority has control over your coins and no bank can confiscate your money. For those who do not have confidence in the traditional banking system, this is a big advantage.

  1. Your information is secure

This is important. Credit card numbers are often stolen. Bitcoin transactions do not require you to enter your secret information. Instead, two keys are required: a private and a public key. Your bitcoin address is actually the public key and everyone can see it, but your private key is always secret. In other words, there is the encryption key (the public key) and the decryption key (the private key). The first one is linked to a bitcoin address and used to allow other people to send money to this. The encryption key acts as an account number. The decryption key is only owned by the proprietor who can decrypt the message. No one other than you as the holder can withdraw the money from the bitcoin address. As long as you’re not stupid, you’re sure!

  1. Transactions to and from a Bitcoin Casino USA are much faster

Bitcoin transactions are much faster compared to traditional means of payment by many players. Transactions may be immediate if they are zero-confirmation transactions, but there is a risk that the block chain will not confirm the transaction. It takes about 10 minutes if the buyer requires a transaction confirmation. It’s much faster than bank transfer.

  1. Playing with Bitcoin at a Bitcoin casino USA is safe

The majority consider Bitcoin’s possession to be kept safe in unexpected events. Once bitcoins have been sent they are gone and no one can get them back without the consent of the recipient. There are therefore risks including skimming, card fraud and identity theft for card payments that are associated with payments made with traditional payment methods. These risks do not exist for payments and games for Bitcoins. All Bitcoin casino USA available on our site is safe and secure.

Our favorite casinos

Get Bitcoins to play at American Bitcoin casinos

Now you understand that Bitcoins is the future currency for casino games. The next thing you need to do is get some coins to play at a Bitcoin Casino in USA. Now let’s talk about how to get Bitcoins.

If you want to play at a Bitcoin Casino in USA, you first need to get Bitcoins. You can get Bitcoins through different ways. One of the most common is to switch Bitcoins online. It is also possible to transfer Bitcoin in real time through so-called swish. You can also get Bitcoin through private players or through special ATMs that are customized for Bitcoins. You can also create your own Bitcoins by using a process called mining. The mining process is used to manufacture new Bitcoins just as the central bank produces new banknotes and coins. Even Bitcoins must be produced. Those involved in mining control transactions and transfers across the entire network.

It is almost impossible to buy Bitcoins with your credit card or Paypal as such transactions can be interrupted by your bank. You need a safe place where you can save your coins.